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Chow Tai Fook Fully Supports K11 Fascination / Imagination

Chow Tai Fook Fully Supports K11 Fascination / Imagination

Mademoiselle Agnès

K11 Fascination Imagination Exhibition

K11 Fascination Imagination at Le Pavillon Vendome

K11 Fascination Imagination - Fashion and Art Exhibition

Gabrielle Lazure

Elodie Frege

Chow Tai Fook Ombre Di Milano Collection    

Axelle Laffont

Alysson Paradis and Alicia

Alpha Sidibe, Cecile Togni and friends

Albert Hui, Vahina Giocante and guest

Alan Chan, Alysson Paradis and Albert Hui

Victoria Olloqui and Albert Hui

Simon Gao Collection

Performance by Cocho Take

Orlan and guest

Meng Baishen Exhibition


An audacious journey of the senses
Ombre Di Milano Collection lights up Paris Fashion Week

   Chow Tai Fook, a long-time champion of international cultural exchange, the third consecutive year supports K11 organising an audacious journey of the senses, Fascination / Imagination during this year's Paris Fashion Week on 5 March. Held at Pavillon Vendôme in the heart of Paris and its fashion district, the event showcases the unique works of fashion designer Simon Gao, “Designer of the Year” nominated by Numéro China, Modern Weekly and K11, painter Meng Baishen, “Artist of the Year” endorsed by K11 and a group of emerging artists from diverse fields to shine on an international stage. As the highlight, Chow Tai Fook specially selects five high jewellery masterpieces , each piece expresses a unique design concept and all of them are selected to be auction at an exclusive annual auction dinner in May of this year.


Ombre Di Milano Collection lights up Paris Fashion Week

These five precious sets of jewellery showcasing in Fascination / Imagination from Ombre Di Milano Collection integrate the beauty of art and culture with sophisticated design combines perfectly with the historic city of Milan representing the vision of cultural interchange.


Chow Tai Fook handpicks a variety of precious materials from all over the world and immortalized them to elements of the planet in physical forms of animal visions, giving birth to an exquisite collection which integrates the beauty of nature in an array of colours, shapes and textures with the perfect marriage of design and craftsmanship.


With nature as the muse, this intricate series of wearable art, is an artistic delineation of Whale, Flamingo, Giraffe, Snake, Bat, Humming Bird and Snowy Owl; unveiling the vision of perfection in the Shadows of Milan. All stunning works showing Chow Tai Fook is determined to progress towards a more artistic and full of creativity, in which promote Chow Tai Fook to a new and international stage.


A blend of Art and Jewellery

Following the success of the annual exhibition in Paris Fashion Week since 2011 which catapulted several up-and-coming Chinese fashion designers such as Masha Ma, Huishan Zhang and Xiao Yu to worldwide fame, Chow Tai Fook's participation in third years during Paris Fashion Week brings some of the brightest lights in Chinese art and fashion to the international stage of Paris, also offers emerging designers a platform of international exchange. To take this precious opportunity to proudly show the world some of our artistic jewellery masterpieces, these five exquisite pieces are representative works chosen from Ombre Di Milano Collection, to showcase the culmination of exceptional design, materials and craftsmanship. The creation of this extraordinary series is an art blending tradition with innovation and excellence revealing a glimpse of the heart where beauty resides.

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