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Chow Tai Fook Presents Natural FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) Appreciation HK$100 million gemstone goes on display

Guided by its unique insight and vision, industry leader Chow Tai Fook has acquired this very precious 350-gram natural FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) uncut stone in Myanmar. It is valued at around HK$100 million.

The natural FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) jewellery showcased by model, worth over 40 million. Earrings:HK$2,184,000 up Pendant with nicklace:HK$21,317,400 up, Ring:HK$9,120,000 up, Bangle: HK$7,800,000 up.

The natural FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) jewellery showcased by model, worth nearly 4 million.Earrings:HK$876,000 up, Pendant with necklace:HK$948,300 up, Ring:HK$1,485,000 up, Bangle: HK$431,000 up.

Chow Tai Fook Presents: Natural FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) Appreciation

HK$100-million gemstone goes on display


Asian people have always had a special affection for FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE), because these natural gemstones are believed to symbolise blessings, peacefulness and family harmony. Chow Tai Fook, Greater China’s most renowned jeweller, searches the world for exquisite pieces of the highest quality. Recently, it purchased a 350-gram natural FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE), now being cut into 2 pieces, that has been valued at around HK$100 million; and guests are now being invited to appreciate it at the Natural FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) Exhibition in its Tsim Sha Tsui 7th branches (K11 branch).


With its unique insight and vision, the industry leader previously acquired precious natural uncut FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) gemstone in Myanmar, from which it is now crafting precious and elegant jewellery pieces that are delighting customers.


Natural FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) is found in a wide range of colours, such as white, violet, amber, black and red. In which natural green FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) is the most precious. The prices of pieces with a rich green hue are constantly rising, due to the scarcity of supplies in recent years. The natural FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) uncut gemstone most recently acquired by Chow Tai Fook weighs a hefty 350 grams and its translucency with rare and fine combination colour, such premium-grade pieces are rarely found these days. After preliminary cutting and polishing, the stone has now been dissected into two pieces. These will later be passed to Chow Tai Fook’s team of experienced designers and cutters for further cutting and polishing to bring out its full beauty.


Designs for FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) jewellery have recently been diversified beyond traditional Buddha figurines and jade sceptres (ruyi). Talented and innovative designers have teamed up with Chow Tai Fook’s veteran jade craftsmen to create a series of translucent and fine-textured jewels from the two precious uncut FEI CU I(JADEITE JADE) stones. They include FEI CUI (JADEITE JADE) diamond rings, delicate and inspiring bangles, and trendy pendants with matching leather straps. Each of them is a masterpiece.


Chow Tai Fook has been renowned throughout greater China as a premier jewellery brand for more than 80 years. Driven by its mission of "Sincerity‧Eternity", the company has vied to become the most-trusted Asian jeweller in the world. It undertakes every step of the jewellery production process, from sourcing raw materials, polishing, design and manufacturing through to retail sales. All this is done under the strictest quality control supervision in order to offer customers the very best products.

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