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2020 New Year Accessories

To celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rat, Chow Tai Fook presents the auspicious ‘Rat of Good Fortune’ collection of accessories and ornaments. The adorable designs capture the intelligent, agile, resourceful and diplomatic traits of the rodent, offering exquisite jewellery pieces and accessories as tokens of new year blessings for health, prosperity and happiness.

“Rat of Good Fortune” Collection – Celebrates a Year of Joy and Prosperity

Chow Tai Fook celebrates the season of revival in 2020 with the ‘Rat of Good Fortune’ collection. True-to-life designs and lovely caricatures of little mice decorate a wonderful array of pure gold ornaments, pendants, charms, baby locks, baby bracelets, gold ingots, gold notes and gold medallions, making the collection truly collectible while spreading heartfelt blessings for a colourful Year of the Rat.

Promotion Offer for Pure Gold Products
Customers can enjoy 62% off on craftsmanship and design fee upon any purchase of pure gold products* in Chow Tai Fook branches^. This promotion is subject to terms and conditions.

^All Chow Tai Fook branches in Hong Kong and Macau (Chow Tai Fook Experience Shop included); EXCEPT Hong Kong Disneyland branch, T MARK stores, HEARTS ON FIRE boutique or counters, ARTRIUM SHOWROOM.
*Subject to terms and conditions. Please consult our staff for more information.


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© 2023 Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company Limited. All rights reserved.
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