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Chow Tai Fook Bridal Collection——Celebrates Solemn Vows in a Scenic Ceremony


This year, Chow Tai Fook (CTF) presents an extraordinary wedding collection with the motif of ‘Scenic Ceremony’ which depicts love of a lifetime under the witness of the nature. Two souls walk hand in hand through good times and bad as they grow from acquaintances to lovers. From the bustling city into the lush forest, they walk towards the secluded nature, where winding paths along undulating mountains are witness to their beautiful love story as he aspires to stand by her side in every moment, to love and to cherish, in life and in memory.



Drawing on the motif of ‘Scenic Ceremony’ for its latest advertising campaign, CTF presents an all-new array of styles for its “Bridal Collection” and “Perfect Love Collection”. The former finds its inspiration from nature to create two sets of wedding jewellery in white gold with diamonds and one set of that in pure gold respectively, while the latter commemorates romantic moments with five wedding bands to evoke the pristine landscapes where the most ingenious union of marriage and nature takes place. Deep in the tranquil forest of autumnal colours, a white handcrafted tent provides a perfect venue for the dinner that will become an affectionate prelude that shapes the trajectory of their lives as she relishes the dishes lovingly prepared by him. When he puts the ring on the finger of his one and only, the two hearts ripple and sparkle; and when they embrace each other, the surrounding nature is filled with the sweetest, warmest blessings. Their pledges to spend their lives together, as witnessed by the scenic mountains, forest and lake, will last forever.

Bridal Collection-‘Lovebirds’ : An Epitome of the Promise for a Lifelong Bond
This new jewellery set draws inspiration from a pair of loyal, inseparable lovebirds on top of gardenias, the time-honoured motif of CTF Bridal Collection which symbolises the promise of eternal happiness. Carved out from gold in intricate lines and volume, the ethereal pieces connect the silhouettes of the birds with the heart as a token of marriage, while the dazzling diamonds on two sides symbolising love fairies’ shower blessings onto the couple to celebrate their transcending love.



Bridal Collection-‘Laurel Leaves’ – An Honour of Eternal Love
This collection draws inspiration from ‘laurel leaves’, a symbol of prestige and eternity, alongside the enduring heart-shaped gardenia foliage. The romantic lines of gardenias intertwine with the elegant laurel leaves to evoke a married couple holding hands for life. The asymmetrical design adds a contemporary edge to the jewellery set that speaks to young brides looking for unique aesthetic values. Using lightweight gold and, in the case of necklace and bangle, a cascading chain, the collection exudes ethereal beauty in intertwining lines.



Bridal Collection-‘Romantic Ribbons’ : A Lover Knot that Ties Two Hearts Together
An embellishment commonly seen in wedding ceremonies, ribbons represent the sweet bond of two individuals destined to live happily ever after. This exquisitely crafted jewellery set enhances the bride's feminine glamour with chic openwork ribbon flowers and a butterfly motif symbolising happiness and romance whose ethereal flutter around ribbon flowers evokes the moment when two lovers walk down to aisle together to enter a new chapter in life. The collection accentuates glamorous femininity and innocent sensuality of the bride in Western or Chinese wedding gown.

Exquisite goldwork techniques enhance the volume and beauty of the pure gold ribbon flowers, in particular the hairline finishing that takes a threefold duration over the general processing to engrave the ultra-thin lines by hand. The hairline finish highlights the ethereal texture of ribbons while the lace pattern adds shimmer to the ribbons. Butterflies nested on lightweight openwork ribbon flowers radiate vivid brilliance thanks to the ‘rainbow hairline finishing’.


Perfect Love Collection
A pair of wedding bands is a wearable sign of devotion between the couple. The weddng bands designs illustrate the lovers’ romantic moments, promises and hope for their future together.


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© 2023 Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company Limited. All rights reserved.
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