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Building upon its 90-year history, Chow Tai Fook offers exquisite jewellery craftsmanship and the next level of luxury to its customers through CHOW TAI FOOK ARTRIUM. Inspired by 5000 years of Chinese art and culture, CHOW TAI FOOK ARTRIUM brings a sense of wonder and appreciation to each piece, reimagining the craft of storytelling through high jewellery.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyline and habour, the new CHOW TAI FOOK ARTRIUM showroom, located in the new landmark K11 Atelier in Victoria Dockside, is poised to offer an unprecedented luxury jewellery experience.

With each visit, VIP guests and clients will be invited to browse a selection of jewels tailored specifically to their taste and needs, all within a discreet setting evoking an elegant, private salon. Exceptional customer service will ensure that CHOW TAI FOOK ARTRIUM’s exquisite jewellery creations will bring beauty and enjoyment to its clients not only in that very moment, but also in the years to come.

Fantasia High Jewellery Collection
For centuries, animals have played an important role in Chinese mythology, folklore and history, often as cultural symbols and a recurring theme in religion, art and literature. One of the earliest Chinese texts, The Classic of Mountains and Seas, is a geographical account of mythical beasts, rituals, flora and fauna in relation to ancient China. Animal-like taotie masks and decorative motifs appeared on prehistoric artefacts and bronze vessels from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, reflecting the deep fascination and curiosity for the natural world. As a result, mythical creatures are an integral part of Chinese cultural tradition, conjuring up images of fearless lions, a soaring phoenix, or magnificent dragons idealised for their beauty and power. As an example, Xuan Wu, a wondrous mix of snake and turtle, was revered as a mighty god with eternal life who inhabited the deep sea and controlled the elements. Much like the tales that have inspired artists for centuries, CTF ARTRIUM creates Fantasia, transforming its own imaginary animals into a collection of stunning jewellery that uses exquisite gemstones to tell their story. Together with whimsical design, artistry and craftsmanship, these creatures come to life, and a world of fantasy is born.

Beauty Art High Jewellery Collection
In the intimacy of her dressing room, a young woman gazes at her reflection in the mirror, contemplating her beauty as she carefully pins her hair, powders her face, dons a necklace, or traces her lips with a tint the colour of berries. For centuries, this concept of adornment has played a role in the woman’s pursuit of beauty—an art form synonymous with femininity. Today, CTF ARTRIUM continues that tradition with BEAUTY ART, a new collection that translates the artistry of beauty into high jewellery. With a mix of glittering diamonds, rich red gemstones, and subtle motifs, BEAUTY ART alludes to the different ways Chinese women adorned themselves though makeup: a translucent white powder, rosy-coloured blush, delicately painted facial decorations like a fine crescent or blooming flower. But this daily ritual, whether it be through makeup or jewellery, is not about pleasing others, but expressing herself and her individuality—each piece a symbol of independence, confidence, and personal style for the modern woman.


Deep within the forest, a glimmer of mysterious fiery light beckons us to follow and discover its source of magic — Fantasia, a magnificent unicorn and the muse for CTF ARTRIUM’s Fantasia high jewellery collection. Perched atop a wood fossil base, this one-of-a-kind piece blends the exceptional craft and artistry of high jewellery with a creative vision that reaches far beyond our imagination. With a glistening coat of pure gold, the stylised unicorn features various brushed surface textures, including one of “tangled silk” and a strong chiselled profile appearing both regal and mystical all at once. At the crown, a stunning, naturally-formed 106.94-carat fire opal glistens with iridescent colours and dozens of white diamonds. With its dramatic stature, the unicorn becomes not only a work of art, but a symbol of power, beauty, and myth that inspires the rest of the collection, giving birth to a whole new world of imaginary creatures.

Material: Fire Opal (106.94 ct), Diamonds, Pure Gold, 18K White Gold, Petrified Wood
Dimension: 17 x 28 x 55.5 cm
Weight: 12 kg


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